At Eastern Suburbs FC we take very seriously the conduct and behaviour of all persons involved in helping us create the optimum environment for the enjoyment of football.  This includes everyone from players, match officials, coaches, parents, club members to spectators, at our games.

The Board of Directors at Eastern Suburbs FC have formally adopted a number of Policies and Codes of Conduct that provide guidance to everyone of the behaviour expected.

Eastern Suburbs FC Inclusion and Diversity Statement

Eastern Suburbs FC Diversity and Inclusion Statement and Action Plan

Eastern Suburbs FC Harrassment, Discrimination, Bullying and Anti-racism Statement

EASTERN SUBURBS FC Statement  – Harassment, discrimination, bullying and racism


More information:

Football Federation of Australia – Code of Conduct

This provides guidelines in relation to a number of key aspects, including:

  • Bringing the Game into Disrepute;
  • Liability for Supporter and Spectator Conduct;
  • Betting, Match-Fixing and Corruption (see below link);
  • Disparaging Media Statements;
  • Responsibilities of Professional & Representative Players;
  • Notice and Disciplinary Sanctions

Football Federation of Australia – National Member Protection Policy

This Protection Policy aims to ensure that core values, good reputation and positive behaviours and attitudes are maintained.  It assists in ensuring that every person involved in our club is treated with respect and dignity, and is safe and protected from abuse.

ESFC is committed to providing an environment safe for children, which is free from harassment and abuse for everyone, and promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values.

The Code forms the basis of appropriate and ethical conduct by which everyone must abide.

Football Federation of Australia – Grievance Resolution Regulations

These are the formal regulations promulgated by the FFA to determine the rules and procedure for the resolution of a grievance.

Specific Codes of Conduct

  1. Junior Players, Parents, Managers;
  2. Coaches Code of Conduct and Ethics
  3. Senior Players;
  4. Match Officials; 
  5. Spectators.

These Policies and Codes of Conduct are an essential part of our proactive and preventative approach to tackling inappropriate behaviour.

Clubs Commitment to Continuing Education

The Board has implemented a policy which requires the directors, all coaches and managers to satisfactory complete training courses in child protection, harassment and discrimination prior to the commencement of each season. The requirement also applies to any volunteers/parents who have interaction with minors.

Refresher courses must be undertaken every 2 years.

As a member or visitor to Eastern Suburbs FCs we respectfully ask that you familiarise yourself with our Policies and Codes of Conduct and reflect them in your conduct.  A hard copy of the Specific Codes of Conduct are displayed in our Clubhouse.

If you wish to raise an issue please feel free to contact the President, Glen Brown –