U6 Born 2016/2017

U7 Born 2015

Players turning 5 in 2022 are eligible to register for the Miniroos program. The club will try to accommodate requests to play with friends, dependent on team numbers.

Sessions are conducted at Heath Park, East Brisbane. The playing season runs from April to September.

U6 & U7 Miniroos will play IN-HOUSE and placed into teams with a maximum of 6 players. The teams will train together on Tuesdays and play games against each other on a Saturday morning.

The games consist of 2 x 20minute halves and play 4 v 4 with 2 interchange players.

All players must wear football boots, shin guards and bring a water bottle.

Training and games will be held at Eastern Suburbs FC grounds Heath Park, East Brisbane.

Training times: – Tuesdays from 4.15pm – 5.15pm

Start date: Tuesday 8th March

Games: – Saturday mornings.


Players must register in Play Football prior to start of training.


U8 MINIROOS Born 2014

KANGAROOS (previously Komodo Dragons) is a development team that trains twice a week to prepare players with aspirations of playing SAP in under 9. Trials will be held for players wishing to play Kangaroo level and the information on dates and times will be posted on the club website and Facebook.

Training will be held on Wednesdays 4.15pm – 5.15pm starting on 9th March with the team coach and a second training night with Easts + program, times to be advised.

Non-graded under 8 teams are available to those players wanting to play with mates and train once a week. Training for these teams will be on Wednesdays 4.15pm – 5.15pm.

Under 8 will be placed into teams of maximum 10 players.  Games consist of 2 x 20minute halves and play 7 v 7 with 3 interchange players. All games are held on Saturday mornings either at Heath Park (home grounds) or away at an opponent’s grounds.

U9-U11 MINIROOS Born 2013/2012/2011

Skill levels are divided into 3 groups: Kangaroos, Wallabies, Quokkas.

KANGAROOS (previously Komodo Dragon)- for players with above-average skills. Games are usually played with more speed, skill and tactics.

Trials will be held for those aspiring to play Kangaroo level. Information will be posted on Facebook and club website.

U9-U11 Kangaroos teams are development teams which will train twice a week in preparation to play in SAP teams. One training session will be conducted by the team coach on Wednesdays from 5.20pm – 6.45pm and the second training session with the Easts+ program, times to be advised.


Players not wishing to play at Kangaroo level will be placed into teams which best reflect their technical ability to ensure they are competing against teams of similar standard.

WALLABIES (previously Goanna)- for players of average skills who have played previously, know the rules and how to play in a team environment.

QUOKKAS (previously Gecko)- for players who are new to football or have basic skills and require assistance to develop skills and teamwork or just want to play with their mates.

Training for Wallabies and Quokkas will be held on Wednesday 4.15pm – 5.15pm

Under 9 players will be placed into teams of maximum 10 players. Games consist of 2 x 20minute halves and play 7 v 7 with 3 interchange players.

Under 10 & 11 players will be placed in teams of maximum 12 players. Games consist of 2 x 25minute halves and play 9 v 9 with 3 interchange players.

Games: – Saturday mornings either at Heath Park or other local Brisbane clubs.


UNDER 12 – Under 12’s will transition into the Miniroos space for 2022. Under 12’s will be treated as a transitional year, where the expectations of competitive football are introduced to provide players, coaches and managers a season to learn the ropes. Team sheets and match results will still be loaded, however, there will be no public facing ladders. The competitions team will still administer the competition in a semi-competitive manner.

The offside line will be removed for Under 12’s to alleviate pressure on clubs with field maintenance and playing formats, however coaches will be encouraged to develop players in learning offside.

Under 12 teams will be graded into Kangaroos and Wallabies teams with a maximum 12 players in each. Games consist of 2 x 25minute halves and play 9 v 9 with 3 interchange players.

Training – Under 12 will train twice a week commencing on Tuesday 8th March

Tuesday 4.15pm – 5.15pm (Kangaroos & Wallabies)

Thursday 5.20pm – 6.45pm Kangaroos

Thursday 5.20pm – 6.30pm Wallabies

Games: Saturdays


Volunteer Team Leaders/Coaches traditionally come from parents of players within the teams in u6-u11. A Skills Development coach will be on hand to assist volunteers on training nights in order to develop skills of players and also mentor team leaders/coaches. Coaching courses will be organised during the year by the Junior Director of Coaching to assist in coach education.

Volunteer managers are also required for Miniroos teams.


Further information contact Junior President Anna Giuffrida 0403 298 144/

Email juniors@eastsfootball.com

Please contact Junior Director of Coaching Alex Simmons via email

eastsjuniordoc@eastsfootball.com to express your interest as a volunteer coach or manager.