East Sponsor Spotlight: BA Creative Web Design Brisbane

This month we are turning the East Sponsor Spotlight on BA Creative – you’ve probably seen their sign on field one and their logo emblazoned on the MiniRoos shirts but do you know what they do?

BA Creative is a design and digital marketing firm based on Stanley Street on the border of East Brisbane and Woolloongabba. There are three main services that BA Creative offer: Branding, Web Design and Digital Marketing. Here is some more information on each of these services:


When people think of a brand the first thing that comes to mind is a company logo, but a brand is more than that. A brand is the overall personality of a business, it is what customers feel when they think of or interact with the company. A good example of a brand in action is right here at Easts FC. The Easts brand encompasses feelings such as trust, competitiveness and fairness – other football clubs may engender different feelings!

The way a brand is crafted will vary from business to business and from industry to industry. It often involves created a Brand Promise statement, designing a logo and other branding elements. But most importantly it involves engaging and focussing the people in the business. If everyone is clear on what the brand story is then telling of that story through interactions with clients in person and online is easier.

At BA Creative the branding process can take on many forms. Often clients are looking for brand tweaks and improvements while others are looking for a completely new brand.

Some successful branding projects undertaken by BA Creative include: www.adventurefree.com.au, www.auststarmotors.com.au and www.thesunworks.com.au

Web Design Brisbane

Is there a business out there that doesn’t need a website these days? Unlikely. A website is now a vital part of a company’s marketing strategy. A good website can be a lead generator, sales convertor, deal winner and much more.

At BA Creative they believe that getting the branding right is the first step towards a successful website. It is crucial to know what you want you want your website to say, how you want to say it and who you want to say it to. Once this has been established with a clear brand the web design process can begin.

BA Creative tailor each of their websites to the requirements of their clients. But even the most basic and simple BA Creative websites will feature the following:

  • Content Management System
    This is a system that allows the clients to edit the site themselves.
  • Mobile Friendly Design
    Making sure your website works well on all devices from smart phones to desktop computers is essential for two reasons. Firstly you need to ensure that all users have a great experience and are more likely to become customers. Secondly Google now uses the mobile friendliness of a website to help determine where it appears in there search. So if you want your plumbing business’ website to appear above the other plumbers in the area when some searches on Google, you better make sure it is mobile friendly.
  • Built For Google
    As well as being mobile friendly a website needs to tick a bunch of other boxes in order for Google to give it a good ranking. All of BA Creative’s websites are built with Google in mind.

Some examples of recent BA Creative design websites include: www.grcqs.com.au, www.malaysiaholidays.com.au and www.bloxsom.com.au

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a very broad term that encompasses a lot of things. For BA Creative it means getting your business noticed online and increasing leads, sales, enquires and general brand awareness.

Under the umbrella of Digital Marketing BA Creative offer these services:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    This is another broad term that covers lots of things but, in essence, it means making sure that your website is found when people search for relevant words and phrase. At BA Creative they take SEO on step further and look at not just increasing visibility of the site on search engines but also increasing hits and, most importantly the conversion of hits in to customers.BA Creative’s SEO service includes a monthly report that provides their clients with up to the minute statistics about how their sites are performing. But more than just raw stats the report also provides genuine, personalised insights and recommendation for improving SEO performance.A great example of BA Creative’s SEO service is Just Us Lawyers. Just Us wanted to promote their Conveyancing Brisbane service and chose BA Creative to help. A website overhaul was conducted followed by an ongoing campaign of reports, recommendations and changes that have transformed the website’s SEO performance. Try searching for Conveyancing Kelvin Grove and see what site comes top of the list!
  • Google AdWords
    As well as getting websites to the top of the search engine rankings BA Creative can also undertake Google AdWords campaigns to display ads for business on Google’s network.An example of BA Creative’s AdWords service is Megadent – a business specialising in the removal of dents from cars with the need for filler and paint. Megadent recently relocated to Melbourne and BA Creative were charged with creating an AdWords campaign that brought up ads at the top of Google when certain keywords were searched for. Try searching for paintless dent repair Melbourne to see if it worked!
  • Social Media
    Social media is now used by millions of business, in fact most businesses now have some kind of social media presence. BA Creative help clients devise a social media strategy and can also help create engaging content.

That completes the Easts Sponsor Spotlight profile of BA Creative. Get in touch with Pete Accini and his team to find out more – don’t forget to mention where you heard about them!

BA Creative
Web Design Brisbane
904 Stanley Street East, East Brisbane
3393 2047